One Day Married – The Slump

We were warned about A LOT of things during the wedding planning process. Countless times we were told that “the day goes by SO fast” and “slow down to really try to take it all in.”

What our married friends didn’t tell us, was what a HUGE bummer it is to say goodbye to everyone when they inevitably pack their bags and check out of the hotel.

Even with the numbness and nausea of a world-class hangover (for thosmomse of you who said I would have a hard time getting drunk at my own wedding, not so)  the impending doom of everyone leaving Vermont  felt like an unbearable and uncontrollable rug being pulled out from underneath me.

The highs of being the center of attention, marrying the love of my life, dancing with my newly formed family (see Moms at right), and partying with all my family and friends (some till 4am) seems like it should never end. And then it does. Abruptly.

I’ll spare you the gooey sh-ow of emotion, but suffice it to say tears were shed by all parties involved as we drove out of town withiPhone Pics 1083 our Just Married sign attached to the bumper. Consider this your fair warning that months and months of planning an amazing party will sting like hell when it’s over.

I thought I’d be relieved that we could consider the weekend a success, but instead I worried about what I was going to do next!

The upside is, Husband knows just how to put things in a perspective that will make me happy. There were still lists to be made and tasks to be completed before our flight to Italy!



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